Austin Area Mental Health Consumers, Inc.

Austin Area Mental Health Consumers, Inc. (AAMHC) is one of the largest consumer operated service centers in Texas; serving approximately 1000 members.

The SHAC (Self Help and Advocacy Center) facility provides AAMHC members with a variety of activities including; arts and crafts, peer support, courses that develop competitive marketplace skills, computer lab with Internet, as well as referral services to other community agencies to build self-esteem and empowerment skills necessary for self-advocacy and employment..

The SHAC supports consumers in becoming independent members of society and encourages them to act on their own behalf. We help them in their efforts to become self-reliant and thus regain control of their own lives. These services reflect the eight core values of Austin Area Mental Health Consumers, Inc.; empowerment and self-determination, promoting recovery, consumer-control, education emphasis, peer support, advocacy, inclusiveness and diversity, and collaboration.


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Our Mission

To empower and promote self-esteem; Act as a resource for information and services; Partner with community organizations through S.H.A.R.E. (Support, Hope, Advocacy, Responsibility, Education)

Our Vision

That our membership will develop relationships with the community and the community will utilize our organization as a respectable resource for mental health information and education.

Contact Us

Austin Area Mental Health Consumers,
At the Self Help Advocacy Center (SHAC)
3205 South 1st Street
Austin, TX. 78704
Phone: (512) 442-3366
Fax: (512) 448-3366